Everybody’s least favorite rapper will.i.am could ruin your smart home


Light a candle and say a prayer because rapper, entrepreneur, and nightmare wearable designer will.i.am just bought Wink, one of the most popular smart home platforms, and well, what could possibly go wrong?

Acquisitions happen all the time, but this one is worrisome because will.i.am’s lifestyle technology company i.am+ has a terrible track record when it comes to making products that aren’t gaudy trash.

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Wink sent the news to its users via email on Thursday and also sent a copy of the email to Mashable upon request. As expected, Wink praises the work i.am+ has done, and says the teams are going to be merging, and then says the buyout won’t affect existing Wink products or services. Here’s a chunk of the statement: Read more…

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