David Bowie approved his ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ cameo before he died


David Bowie didn’t make an in-camera appearance in Twin Peaks: The Return like I had kinda-sorta predicted (see: wishfully thought he might). But he gave his blessing for his character Phillip Jeffries to be featured — whether he knew about the teapot thing or not.

Bowie made a blink-and-you’d-miss-it cameo in the 1992 Twin Peaks spinoff film Fire Walk With Me as Jeffries, a long-lost FBI agent who blows into Gordon Cole’s office, sputters some nonsense about “Judy” and disappears in a flash of electricity.

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Though it was a bit part, Jeffries was repeatedly name-dropped in the first two episodes of The Return, leading me to the wild theory that David Lynch might have filmed a scene with his longtime friend before Bowie’s January 2016 death. Read more…

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