Let’s not kid ourselves, Ed Sheeran on ‘Game of Thrones’ was silly AF


Hey cool kids, this post has spoilers for Season 7, episode one. So, like, don’t read unless you’ve watched. Duh. 

You know when you’re watching your favorite high fantasy television show and then this mega famous pop star just shows up in a scene and rips you out of the episode?

That was the feeling of many Game of Thrones fans when Ed Sheeran, of all people, sat in the woods singing a supposedly-Westeros-y song as Arya Stark rode by on her horse. And of course she dismounted, and of course there was a little bonding scene between her and the English pop star. 

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‘The Queen is home’ according to just about every single damn ‘Game of Thrones’ fan


Hey y’all, spoilers for Season 7, episode one below. If you haven’t watched it, don’t get upset with us if you read it.

Um, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a character named Daenerys Targaryen, but she’s home now. 

The last big scene in “Dragonstone” finds that unlikely Targaryen sailing her ships across the Narrow Sea as her three adolescent dragons fly above. And then, you guessed it, she lands on Westeros. 

She’s there. 

She’s home. 

As much of the internet yelled at their screens this Sunday night, “The queen is home.”

The Queen is at home

— Freddie Tobar (@Skrying) July 17, 2017

The Queen is back home y’all#ThronesYall #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/9Eo17uw9DO

— KING B. 👸🏿 (@FL_Classy) July 17, 2017 Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ has finally introduced Lady Stoneheart, just not in the way we imagined


This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 1, titled “Dragonstone,” as well as plot points from George R. R. Martin’s books. 

Even if you’ve never read George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, chances are you’re familiar with the name Lady Stoneheart — if only from hearing your disgruntled book-reading friends complaining about all the deviations that HBO’s Game of Thrones has made from Martin’s storylines. 

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In the book series, Lady Stoneheart is the reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark, resurrected by Beric Dondarrion through the power of the Lord of Light. After being dumped in the river by the Freys following her murder, she’s almost unrecognizable, only able to speak by covering the slit in her throat. Following the Red Wedding, she’s consumed by a thirst for vengeance, and kills any Frey, Bolton or Lannister she comes across as payback.  Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 premiere proves the ladies really are running the show


This recap contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 1, titled “Dragonstone.”

Who run the world? The ladies of Game of Thrones, duh. 

After multiple seasons of mansplaining, rape and abuse, the women of Westeros are finally in positions of power in the Season 7 premiere, and it’s every bit as exhilarating as watching Wonder Woman stride through No Man’s Land with bullets bouncing off her gauntlets.

The first new episode in over a year opens with Arya Stark doubling down on her spectacular murder of Walder Frey last season by killing all of his remaining bannermen and supporters — and she does it in the most deliciously devious way possible, by impersonating the old traitor himself. The mic drop moment comes when Arya tells Walder’s poor, long-suffering wife, “When people ask you what happened here, tell them the North remembers; tell them winter came for House Frey.” If you didn’t cheer, you may be a wight.  Read more…

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Delta hits back on Twitter at Ann Coulter, who claims she was kicked out of her seat


Another day, another airline-related dust-up.

This time it’s conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who called Delta the “worst airline in America” for moving her out of her “extra room seat” she had booked.

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“Hey Delta, you mind telling me why it was an ’emergency’ to move someone else into the seat I had carefully chosen in advance and booked?” Coulter tweeted on Saturday.

Just when you think it’s safe to fly them again, the worst airline in America is STILL: @Delta

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 15, 2017

When Coulter allegedly asked why she was moved, a flight attendant apparently responded with “I don’t know.” Read more…

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Ed Sheeran’s ‘Game of Thrones’ cameo was anticlimactic, yet perfect


Spoiler warning: This post contains plot details for the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, titled “Dragonstone.”

Turns out that Ed Sheeran was telling the truth about his Game of Thrones cameo, in which he appeared alongside Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark, because even Game of Thrones stars are fans of stuff.

“I feel like my cameo’s been built up too much though, people will just be like ‘Oh. Oh, alright,'” he told ET last month. “It’s not an integral part of it at all, I’m just, like… in it.”

We all thought he was kidding when he revealed what he’d be doing during the scene in a radio interview: “I sing a song and then [Arya] goes, ‘Oh, that’s a nice song,’ and I go, ‘It’s a new one,’ and then there’s other lines.”  Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ returned with Arya bringing the pain and the internet loved it


Season 7 of Game of Thrones wasted no time in dropping the mouths of all the rabid fans who waited too long for the show to return. 

And Arya Stark made those mouths drop. 

In the opening scene of “Dragonstone,” we all watched Walder Frey and scratched our heads. “I thought Arya killed him like a complete and totally ninja assassin last year,” we told our cats.

But then, (SPOILERS) Arya removed her old man mask as the poisoned men fall around her. 

And the internet remembered why it loves Game of Thrones.

That just happened, Arya single handedly killed an entire family #GameOfTrones pic.twitter.com/N8xv6xjUjQ

— K I C K S (@Kicksrarted) July 17, 2017 Read more…

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Martin Landau, ‘Mission Impossible,’ ‘North by Northwest’ actor, dead at 89


One of the iconic actors who helped make the original Mission Impossible so good, Martin Landau, has died at age 89. 

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Most recently known for his leading role as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood (which won him an Oscar), Landau’s credits span some of the great films in Hollywood history, including Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Rounders

But his most far reaching presence in the mainstream was through television on shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Space: 1999, The Untouchables, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and many others.  Read more…

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Ryan Gosling reveals more of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ on Twitter


Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to one of the most lauded science fiction films of all time, just leaked out a bit of new footage, and it’s dystopian futurism at its best.

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The new footage was posted by the film’s star, Ryan Gosling, on Twitter on Sunday.  

It’s super short (just 21 seconds long), but for anyone who has been anxiously waiting for any new sights from the future world of robot replicants made famous by Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford, even a short look is welcome. 

Gosling says this is just a preview of the full trailer, which will be revealed on Monday on Good Morning America.  Read more…

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George A. Romero, master of zombie film genre, dead at 77


The man who kicked off the popularization of the modern zombie genre, director George A. Romero, has died at the age of 77. 

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His death was first reported on Sunday by the Los Angeles Times. Romero died in his sleep after suffering complications from lung cancer, according to a statement given to the paper by Romero’s producing partner, Peter Grunwald. 

Romero was best known for his cult classic film Night of the Living Dead, which debuted in 1968 and went on to influence some of the biggest directors in horror and Hollywood in general.  Read more…

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