WhatsApp is apparently really popular because 1 billion people use it daily


WhatsApp is just one of the many available messaging apps for mobile, and apparently it’s also one of the most popular. 

The company announced on Wednesday it has reached one billion daily active users (on both desktop and mobile) up from the one billion monthly users it announced last year.

The messaging app has grown tremendously.

The messaging app has grown tremendously.

Image: whatsapp

The company has been steadily expanding features over the last year. For example, you can now share photos in albums and even put filters on your pics within the app itself. Video and group messaging has also been added.

The best part about all of this is ithe app is based on Wi-Fi. You don’t have to worry about roaming fees, getting a cellular plan abroad, or an international calling rates. Just download WhatsApp and stay connected with everyone that matters to you.  Read more…

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Dude’s corny Batman pick-up line is a total Tinder fail


The thing about using a pop culture reference as a pick-up line is it only works if they actually get the reference. 

Reddit user DBREEZE223 posted a not-so-successful Tinder interaction he had recently with a girl named Nana. The hopeless romantic decided to try out a pick-up line that incorporated a play on his match’s name, which is a classic Tinder move. 

Image: reddit

Though it is kind of a clever way to try to win someone’s heart, the result was not exactly what he was hoping for. It’s ok buddy, maybe she’s more of a Marvel fan?

At least something good has come of his misfortune. There are plenty of great Batman puns being left in the comments.  Read more…

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There’s a new Sansa fan theory and this time it’s about her necklace


Sansa Stark is such a prominent Westerosi icon that her smallest wardrobe and hair changes are gossip fodder. After Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered, fans panicked that Sansa’s new hairdo marked the beginning of her transformation into Cersei. Now she’s wearing a circular necklace like from back when she joined forces with Littlefinger, and we all need to take a step back.

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The idea is that Sansa’s sporting a necklace with a big circle, just like she did at the end of Season 4 when she escaped King’s Landing and went undercover in the North. Little Finger orchestrated Sansa’s escape (as well as Joffrey’s murder) and planned to have her live in House Arryn under a different name. Read more…

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Jeff Bezos is now the world’s richest human


In 1998, The New York Times wrote a little story called, “Amazon.com is Expanding Beyond Books.” Nearly two decades later, the founder of that company has more money than anyone else on the planet.

Jeff Bezos passed Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates as the richest human on Earth on Thursday morning after Amazon’s stock jumped just high enough, according to Bloomberg.

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Gates has been on top of the cash world for a little more than four years, and there’s a chance he could quickly regain that spot if Amazon’s soon-to-come quarterly earnings report don’t go well for whatever reason.  Read more…

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Nobody is joining Twitter, so let’s just blame Trump


Twitter may be President Donald Trump’s favorite tool, but for the average person, its appeal has apparently become a bit lackluster. 

In three months, Twitter’s growth has remained flat, sitting at 328 million monthly active users, the company reported on Thursday as part of its quarterly earnings release.

Even worse, the company also saw a decrease in revenue this quarter.

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In America, home of one of Twitter’s most notorious users, monthly active users fell by two million, while international users grew, the company said in its letter to shareholders.  Read more…

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June Foray, voice actor of Cindy Lou Who and more, dies at 99


June Foray — iconic voice actor for hundreds of beloved characters — has died at the age of 99, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed on Wednesday.

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The award-winning voice actress was best known for voicing older characters, but in her impressive career that spanned eight decades she’s had the opportunity to cultivate a wide range of voices. 

You may recognize Foray’s enchanting voice as the voice of some of the most legendary characters in film and television such as Cindy Lou Who in a 1966 television special of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Tweety Bird’s owner, Granny, and Rocky the Flying Squirrel. She also portrayed Betty Rubble in The Flintstones pilot and Grandma Fa in the classic 1998 Disney film, Mulan. Read more…

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Why is BuzzFeed selling a hot plate? Because it sucks to be a media company right now.


It’s one thing to pivot to video, it’s quite another to pivot to kitchenware.

The former, video, has become a major trend and a dark, running joke in the media world. As media outlets continue to struggle to justify the economics of the digital world, video beckons as a better option. 

BuzzFeed does plenty of video, but for arguably the biggest and most experimental media startup, that’s not enough. The company has been experimenting with launching products and on Thursday revealed its most aggressive move yet—a Tasty-branded smartphone-connected hot plate. 

Tasty is BuzzFeed’s food brand, and it’s one of the company’s biggest bright spots. The brand is huge online, but has already translated into a real-world success with its bestselling cookbook. Read more…

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An ode to Flash: Everyone’s favorite malware vector


It’s not everyday we bear witness to the death of greatness. And so, when it does happen, we should all stand up and take note. Now is such a time. 

We speak, of course, of Adobe Flash: The best malware vector the world has even seen.

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Adobe announced on July 25 that it plans to kill off the frustrating software that has riddled browsers since 1996. While its end-of-life date isn’t until 2020, the announcement is still likely to hit one online constituency particularly hard: malware developers. 

You see, those wishing to trick us into downloading garbage adware (or worse) have long cherished Flash. Its constant need of updates and Swiss cheese approach to security represent a wonderland of opportunities for the bad guys to slide right into our computers.  Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ fan’s theory about Daenerys and Melisandre is on point


It’s always entertaining when long-standing Game of Thrones characters meet each other for the first time.

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There’s already been some of that this Season with Melisandre meeting Daenerys, and now with Jon Snow and Davos riding out to Dragonstone there’s about to be a whole lot more.

The big question, of course, is will they all get along with each other?

Well, this being Game of Thrones, the answer is probably not. 

On Reddit, one fan recently made a prediction about what might happen when Davos discovers that Melisandre has already been to see Daenerys: Read more…

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YouTuber comes out to his 5-year-old brother in moving video


20-year-old vlogger Oliver Potter has revealed he is gay to his 5-year-old brother Alfie in a touching YouTube video.

“We’re gonna talk about love,” says Oliver at the start of the video. After chatting about love and relationships, Oliver asks his brother an important question: “How would it make you feel if I married a man?”  

Alfie breaks into a big smile and says: “If you marry a man, it’s going to be so cool.” He explains that he saw a film, in which a “man was in love with another man” and “everyone was saying cool in that video.”

Oliver told Mashable he decided to come out to his brother in a video because he wants to “give people courage to open up the conversation with their friends, siblings, children or whoever they choose”. Read more…

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