Airbnb host fined for racist comment on cancellation


An Airbnb host who cancelled a reservation by sending a racist comment is now paying the price.

Back in February, 26-year-old law clerk Dyne Suh booked Tami Barker’s California cabin for a weekend of skiing with her fiancé, The Guardian reported. Suh made the four-hour drive to the cabin, but Barker canceled the reservation at the last minute, texting Suh a racist message to inform her the reservation had been cancelled.

Now, thanks to an investigation from Airbnb, Barker has been banned from the platform and has to pay $5,000 in damages for racial discrimination.

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But seriously, how do you get trapped inside an ATM?


On Wednesday afternoon, a Texas contractor became trapped inside an ATM building and used his wits (and some paper) to get out. 

According to KRISTV, the contractor was changing the lock inside a room connected to a Bank of America ATM and accidentally locked himself inside.

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When people came to the ATM to get cash, the contractor slipped notes through the receipt slot begging for help since he left his cellphone in his truck.

It sounds like a good idea and the notes were pretty straightforward reading, “Please Help. I’m stuck in here, and I don’t have my phone. Please call my boss.”  Read more…

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Radiohead hid a bizarre app for an 80’s computer in its new album


There’s a very bizarre Easter egg hidden in Radiohead’s latest album.

Buried within the boxed edition of the band’s OK Computer anniversary release is a computer program for a 1980’s computer with a hidden message.

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Discovered by a group of dedicated fans on Reddit, the program is for a ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit computer that was popular in the UK in the 1980’s. They noticed that the end of the boxed set’s cassette tape (because of course Radiohead also made a cassette version of OK Computer for the anniversary release) sounded like the startup sounds of a ZX Spectrum.  Read more…

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Woman ruins $200,000 worth of art trying to take a selfie at an exhibit


A visitor to the 14th Factory in Los Angeles, California, caused $200,000 worth of damage when she knocked over a display while attempting to take a selfie a few weeks ago. 

According to the museum, three sculptures were “permanently damaged” in the incident. 

The whole thing was captured on security cameras, and later shared to LiveLeak. In the clip, a woman can be seen crouching in front of a row of sculptures placed on pedestals, presumably trying to take a selfie. She loses her balance, and knocks the pedestal directly behind her over, which then in turn creates a domino effect, knocking over at least 10 pedestals topped with art.  Read more…

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Did Samsung just accidentally reveal the Note 8?


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Kesha is the voice of her own comeback


Kesha Rose Sebert is back in our lives and on our radios, and she wants you to know in her own words exactly what that really means to her.

The singer, who has been engulfed in a highly public legal battle with producer Dr. Luke (née Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald) for the better part of three years, is speaking up loudly for folks everywhere with her latest single, “Woman”—but Kesha isn’t just owning her own voice on the mic. She has also been able to slowly foster an environment where she can express herself in an authentic voice, and that has made all the difference leading up to the release of her third studio album, Rainbow.  Read more…

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Maybe Orlando police should have thought about this stop a little harder


Watch this video and ask yourself when you realize Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala knows this stop is…suspect. 

Video of two Orlando officers pulling over Ayala — the only black state attorney ever elected in Florida — was released last month and has now begun to bounce around the internet. The interaction between Ayala and one of the officers gets a bit awkward after he asks what agency she’s with and she replies that she’s the state attorney.

“Thank you, your tag didn’t come back,” the officer says by way of explanation, meaning that they scanned her license plate and didn’t get a match to a registered vehicle. “I’ve never seen that before.” Read more…

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Barb from ‘Stranger Things’ got an Emmy nomination and Twitter is freaking out


Stranger Things will be at the Emmys — Netflix’s nostalgic thriller got a best drama nomination, as well as acting nominations for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and…Barb (Shannon Purser).

The internet loves Barb, but that love didn’t necessarily spread to the nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series — especially when star Winona Ryder was snubbed entirely.

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The concede defeat to the cult of Barb#Emmys

— Jeff Jensen (@EWDocJensen) July 13, 2017

barb from stranger things got nominated but winona ryder didn’t

— anna (@dulljpg) July 13, 2017 Read more…

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