Hard-hitting viral Ramadan ad draws strong mixed emotions on social media


A terrorist strapped with a suicide vest confronts his would-be victims in a back-and-forth musical chorus that ultimately defuses his violent plans.

That’s the weighty premise of a viral Ramadan ad that’s sparked a wide-ranging social media discussion on terrorism this week.

The three-minute video, a commercial for Kuwait-based telecom Zain, has racked up more than 3 million views on YouTube in the past few days.

It opens on a man hunched over a set of homemade explosives at a workbench as a disembodied child’s voice implores him to rethink his mission.

“I will tell God everything,” the young girl in the voiceover says. “You’ve filled the cemeteries with our children and emptied our school desks.” Read more…

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Some advice for supporters of that ridiculous ‘Cancel Far Cry 5’ petition


If you don’t like what Ubisoft is doing in Far Cry 5, petitioners, why not just go and make your own game?

For anyone who’s not caught up: Earlier in May, Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 5 would be heading to the series most exotic locale to date — a cult-occupied county in the U.S. state of Montana. Much like the previous games, you’ll run around an open world environment gunning down armies of natives.

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In past games, all set outside the U.S., “natives” amounted — primarily — to varying shades of non-white skin colors. In Far Cry 5, the leaders of the cult that we’ve been introduced to are all white. For all anyone knows, there are non-white cultists as well. The game isn’t out until early 2018. Read more…

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New video reveals the complex way a self-driving car “sees” the world


We all know that self-driving cars are the future — it’s just a matter of time and testing (lots and lots of testing) for safety purposes until they take over the road. But how, exactly, does the self-driving car know exactly what’s going on? How does it see the world around us?

Thanks to information and videos shared by 3D mapping company Civil Maps (which received a huge investment from Ford Motors last year), we can get a better sense of what’s happening when a self-driving car is perusing through traffic. 

Anuj Gupta, a Civil Maps product manager, wrote about the process on Medium and shared a couple of videos, including the one above, which was spotted by TechCrunch. In the video, which comes from a recent test in April 2017 on the roads of Plymouth, Michigan, viewers can experience exactly what a self-driving car sees when it hits the road. Read more…

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Ukraine tweeting a ‘Simpsons’ GIF at Russia is peak 2017 politics


Twitter is obviously the place to be for anyone (or any nation) looking to pack a political punch in the 21st century.

So on Tuesday the official Twitter account for Ukraine decided that tweeting a Simpsons GIF at Russia’s Foreign Affairs account, itself pretty active on Twitter, would be the perfect way to properly usher the nations’ conflict into the digital age.

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After Russian President Vladimir Putin met with President of France, Emmanuel Macron to deliver a joint press conference on Monday, much to the ire of Ukrainians, Putin said Anna Yaroslavna, queen consort of France from 1051 to 1060, was Russian. Read more…

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A NASA moon mission got smacked by a piece of space debris and lived to tell the tale


Way back in October 2014, one of NASA’s spacecraft had a very bad day. 

The space agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) — which launched on its mission to study the moon in 2009 — was actually smacked in the camera by a tiny piece of fast-moving space debris on Oct. 13, 2014. 

But amazingly, it lived to tell the tale. 

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A photo taken that day by the LRO’s camera in question shows a kind of incredible looking zigzag pattern distorting a black and white image of the moon. 

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Lebanese ministry calls for ban of ‘Wonder Woman’ movie


Lebanon’s ministry of economy is seeking to ban the 2017 Wonder Woman movie because its lead actress — Gal Gadot — is an Israeli, though a formal request for a ban has not yet been received, a Lebanese security official said Tuesday.

A ban would require a recommendation from a six-ministry-member committee, a process that also has not yet began, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to reporters.

An advance premier of the movie is scheduled for Wednesday in at least one cinema in Beirut, which offers its members attending the show free popcorn. Posters of the movie and digital billboards have sprouted up around the Lebanese capital. Read more…

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‘The Bachelorette’ was a two-hour ‘Air Bud’ tribute last night, which is very cool


Air Bud is the story of love and sick dunks. Last night, The Bachelorette wisely took some hints from its playbook. 

Rachel Lindsay brought her trusty pup along for the ride and shot some hoops. “Who’s a good boy?” is the question on the table as she sorts the players from the champs. In this game, loyalty is the way to score her heart. 

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The episode begins kind of like Air Bud, except celebrity couple Ashton Mila Kunis are there for some weird reason. In the movie, we meet the Framm family as they’re trying to pick up the pieces following the death of Josh’s dad. Josh’s mom, Wendy. Josh happens upon a lost Golden Retriever who he names Buddy, and decides he’s a dog dad now because he has a void to fill. Only Josh makes a lot of rookie mistakes as a father, like only feeding Buddy pudding and trying to conceal his existence from his mom.  Read more…

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Actual politics has caught up to and surpassed ‘House of Cards’


In 2013, Netflix dared to air original television, including the ballsy, barrier-breaking House of Cards. Four years and as many seasons later, the malevolent memoir of political mastermind Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is as ruthless as ever, but in a world now accustomed to Spacey’s slithery monologues and the general debacle of the American political landscape, Season 5 doesn’t make quite the same splash. 

As The Hollywood Reporter‘s Daniel Fienberg asks, “Is there an opposite of escapism? Get-further-submerged-in-the-muck-ism?”

If there is, this is it, and critics simultaneously love and hate it. Read more…

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Donald Trump is selling a subscription box no one asked for


President Donald Trump will reportedly take a page from the subscription box business model with his own monthly box full of stuff people probably don’t want.

As CNN reporter Betsy Klein tweeted Monday, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee will offer “Big League Boxes,” packed with “exclusive and vintage” (read: old) Trump merchandise and delivered monthly to recurring donors’ doors. 

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Dave Levinthal of the Center for Public Integrity noted that the starting price for a Big League Box is a monthly donation of $69 toward Trump’s reelection campaign. Read more…

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14 billionaires just pledged half their fortunes to charity. The conversation it starts could be more important.


Some of the world’s wealthiest business titans just promised to use their fortunes to do good.

An additional 14 individuals and couples from seven different countries joined the Giving Pledge, an initiative launched by Warren Buffett and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2010. The pledge’s goal is to encourage billionaires and their families to dedicate the majority of their wealth—at least half—to philanthropic causes, either during their lifetimes or after their deaths.

The new signatories announced Tuesday include Australian gaming tycoon Leonard H. Ainsworth, easyJet airline founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and investor Robert F. Smith. Past signers include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Chobani yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Read more…

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