There’s no period emoji. This campaign wants to change that.


There’s an emoji for just about everything, from tacos to tropical fish. But, we currently don’t have an emoji to describe our periods. 

A new social media campaign wants to smash the stigma surrounding menstruation one emoji at a time. 

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Girls rights group, Plan International, launched a social media campaign on Sunday to include an official “period emoji” on the global emoji keyboard.

The charity has created five designs and people can vote for their favourite emoji. The winning design will be submitted to the Unicode Consortium, the governing organisation that standardises characters across devices.  Read more…

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Here’s what 24 hours at the Cannes Film Festival looks like


No two days at the Cannes Film Festival are the same.

The event, which runs for 10 days in May each year, is so jam-packed with films, press conferences, talks, parties and random celebrity sightings that a 24 hour summary doesn’t really do it justice.

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This year was my first time at Cannes. Before I left I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew that along with Sundance it was probably the biggest festival in the film calendar, but it had always felt like something of a private party, an exclusive event that you had to be a part of the film industry to fully experience. Read more…

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Dad pranks his son at school in the most embarrassing way possible


Some parents are embarrassing. Then there’s Justin Beadles.

Justin’s 15-year-old son, Jack, had his last day of junior high recently, so to make it very memorable, Justin decided to pull a super embarrassing prank on his kid.

Dressed in a Speedo, a swimming cap, and medals hanging around his neck, Justin ran barefoot towards his son who was hanging outside of his school, screaming Jack’s name. Yep, his dad decided to dress up as swimmer Michael Phelps while his mother filmed it. 

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Rare footage of Tesla Model 3 prototypes driving in public


Tesla’s Model 3 has been spotted in the wild. 

The sedan, which Tesla is priming to reveal before production starts in July, could make the company — and fully electric cars in general — much more palatable to the mass market with a $35,000 starting price and more modest specs. Right now, cars like the premium Model S make Tesla more of a luxury brand for people living in cities filled with charging stations. 

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Recently, a white Model 3 prototype was seen on the highway crossing the San Mateo Bridge by YouTuber Northern California Dashcam, who was able to keep up with the test car to capture nearly a full minute of video. The footage itself isn’t spectacular, but we get a good look at the release candidate as the Model 3 edges closer to production.  Read more…

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This new animation technique might actually make selfies interesting


Let’s face it: Selfie filters have gotten boring. 

No one cares anymore that thanks to the miracle of modern technology you can vomit rainbows or stick a dog’s nose on your face. It’s just, well, played out.  Whether that’s in spite of or because of Facebook’s recent push into the filter game is anyone’s guess, but all the Zuckerberg money in the world can’t make something cool. 

But hey, all you filter lovers out there, there’s hope yet. Say hello to the definitely sexy sounding technique known as “example-based synthesis of stylized facial animations” that is to be presented at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference scheduled for later this summer in Los Angeles.  Read more…

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‘Sgt Pepper’ at 50: Every song on the album, ranked


With characteristic swagger, the Beatles warned us ahead of time it was going to be the greatest album ever made. We believed them, and they didn’t disappoint. 

Fifty years ago today, on May 26, 1967, we began to listen to it; half an hour later, we began the endless debate over whether it had surpassed the Fab Four’s previous greatest album ever made, Revolver

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It isn’t that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has aged well; it’s that it hasn’t aged at all. It’s a fixed point in time, a constant in musical history. So since there’s no argument about its greatness, and the Revolver vSgt Pepper debate will never be settled, what is left to determine?  Read more…

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Future iPhones and iPads might have a special chip just for processing AI


Apple’s reportedly working on a new kind of chip — potentially for future iOS devices — that’ll be used just for processing AI, Bloomberg reports. 

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Bloomberg says the chip’s called the Apple Neural Engine internally, and could be used for “offloading facial recognition in the photos application, some parts of speech recognition, and the iPhone’s predictive keyboard to the chip.”

By moving AI processing to a dedicated chip, battery life in devices could also see a boost since the main CPU and GPU wouldn’t be crunching as much data and gobbling as much power. Read more…

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Theater expertly trolls men angry over women-only ‘Wonder Woman’ screenings


Men didn’t like being excluded from Alamo Drafthouse’s women-only screening for the upcoming superhero film Wonder Woman.

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So naturally the film house went ahead and added more screenings — pointedly sans men. And they announced the new showings with a killer GIF and spot-on tweet.

We heard your complaints have taken swift & decisive action. Another women-only #WonderWoman show on sale now!

— Alamo Drafthouse NYC (@AlamoNYC) May 26, 2017

Men had been quick to voice their complaints after the Austin theater posted this week about the women-only event that quickly sold out, along with a second screening.  Read more…

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These giant snakes hunt in packs, says study from your darkest nightmares


Nope. No. Noooooooooooo.

A researcher witnessed boas in Cuba hanging from the ceiling of a cave to snag flying bats out of the air. That’s terrifying enough. 

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But he also saw them form a wall of snakes so the bats couldn’t escape without getting within striking distance of a hanging boa.

So yeah, just a group of snakes hunting together in a pack, nothing scary about that. (The Cuban boa, by the way, averages anywhere from eight to nearly 10 feet long.)

The three snakes observed didn’t always hunt together, according to the study, published recently in Animal Behavior and Cognition. But when they did, they almost always caught a bat — unlike when they hunted alone, when they’d leave hungry two-thirds of the time. Teamwork, yay! Read more…

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