White House refuses to deny Trump has recording devices and this is nothing like Nixon, not at all


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Google just made a very subtle change to its Play Store logo and icons


Google’s Play Store is getting a brand new look … well, kind of.

In a continuing effort refine the Play brand, Google has quietly rolled out a new logo for the Play Store, Android Police noticed. The new logo drops the shopping bag, just leaving the colorful triangle as the new app icon.

New Logo

New Logo

Image: google

Old Logo

Old Logo

Image: google

While the new icon first appeared on Google’s new Pixel phone, the bagless design is now rolling out to other devices too.

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Sure, it’s a very subtle change, but the redesign comes with a big branding message. As Google continues to tweak logo designs, it’s creating a cohesive visual identity tied to the clean, material design aesthetic that the company announced a few years ago.  Read more…

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Dear Star Wars fans naming your sons Kylo: Why?


It’s enough to make you wonder how many people actually understood the very basic plot of The Force Awakens

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration’s annual list of baby names released Friday, the name “Kylo” exploded in popularity in 2016. Which suggests a surprising number of fathers would like to end their lives being stabbed through the chest by their estranged emo sons. 

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Kylo was the 3,269th most popular baby name for boys in 2015, the SSA says — but in 2016 it shot up to number 901, making it the fastest rising boy’s name on the chart. Read more…

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The Office of Government Ethics is now trolling Trump on Twitter


Today, we learn that no place and no person is above trolling Donald Trump on the internet.

The Office of Government Ethics, an office under the commander in chief’s jurisdiction, is trolling the president on Twitter in a turn of events that should, at this point, shock absolutely nobody.

The incident happened on Friday after reports that Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey (yes, the one he fired) for his “loyalty” at a private dinner.

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The ethics office seemingly responded on Twitter with a poignant message for the president. Read more…

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NASA nixes plan to put astronauts on the 1st mission of its mega-rocket


Well, that was fun, er, nerve-wracking while it lasted. 

After months of study, NASA has decided that it won’t try to send astronauts to space aboard the first flight of its huge Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, designed to eventually bring people and payloads to destinations like Mars or the moon.

While acting NASA administrator Robert Lightfoot said that it would be technically feasible to add crew to the first SLS mission (called Exploration Mission-1 or EM-1), the risk would be too great when compared to the possible benefits. 

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Here’s the Comey tape transcript Trump so wants you to see


On a warm and sunny Friday morning, President Trump started his day just like any other president: by going on Twitter and revealing that he just might have secretly taped the former director of the FBI.

If only the American public could hear these possible tapes, Trump seemed to suggest, they would finally see Comey for who he really was — a useless showboat — and reveal Trump to be the greatest president in the history of the United States.

All we needed was the transcript.

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Thankfully, the same heroic stranger who slipped us Trump’s tax returns also mailed us a transcript of Trump’s Comey recordings. Late this morning, I went to my mailbox only to find the transcript hidden in a manilla envelope labeled “TOP SECRET.” Any good journalist will tell you that “TOP SECRET” makes it very real and obviously not leaked by Trump, which means you must share it on cable television. Read more…

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Watch Will Ferrell serenade graduates with ‘I Will Always Love You’


Will Ferrell is an accomplished actor, can make people pee their pants with laughter, and we have now learned that he can also do a pretty impressive a capella version of “I Will Always Love You.” 

After a touching commencement speech, Ferrell serenaded the graduating class at the University of Southern California on Friday, maybe in an attempt to ease the pain of their newfound debt. Either way, it was a beautiful moment for everyone involved.

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Yes, it appears the version of this song is the one popularized by Whitney Houston, but Dolly Parton wrote this damn song and Dolly deserves the credit.  Read more…

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Adorable dad reenacts ‘Overwatch’ emotes


Grass trimmers and nerf guns aren’t exactly as intimidating as the weapons in Overwatch, but Good Sport Dad Mike Luciano Jr. pulls these emotes off anyway.

This isn’t the first time he’s reenacted video game movements, either. His son, Nick Luciano, has documented similar antics in the past.

We’re just all thankful he continues to do so. Read more…

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Some of the best movie shots are those between characters


We continue our look at some of the best shots in all of film history by digging into relational shots, two shots, over the shoulders, group shots and crowds. Not just based on how cool they look (because there’s too many cool looking shots for that!) but how they work and why.

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