Hackers takeover Twitter accounts to spread fake news


Sounds like my worst nightmare.

Hackers are taking over Twitter accounts and spreading misinformation in a new kind of attack, The Verge reported, citing digital rights group Access Now. The accounts of human rights activists and journalists in Venezuela and Bahrain have been the targets.

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The hack, called “DoubleSwitch” involves taking over the account and then switching the username. The hacker then creates a new account under the original username and oftentimes uses the same profile picture and display name, according to The Verge.  Read more…

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Miley Cyrus singing about the bees dying seems about right


Miley Cyrus goes full flower child on her latest single, “Inspired.” It’s about love, man, and changing the world.  

“I’m writing down my dreams, all I’d like to see. Starting with the bees or else they’re gonna die,” she croons over a soft acoustic guitar and lush strings. “There won’t be no trees or air for us to breathe. I’ll start feeling mad, but then I feel inspired.”

Cyrus sings about her country roots, death, and all the mysteries in between.  Read more…

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Patty Jenkins is ready for the ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel


Patty Jenkins is having something of a moment.

The Wonder Woman director, who set a record for box-office opening by a female director, visited Conan to discuss the surreal success of her movie and tease the sequel.

“I wish that the movie had happened a long time ago…but it feels like it hit this perfect pocket, and I love that people have embraced it for that reason,” Jenkins said. “And also even the fact that Wonder Woman stands for love and truth is hitting home really hard.”

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A Wonder Woman sequel was inevitable, but will Jenkins return to direct?  Read more…

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Netflix has a message for heartbroken ‘Sense8’ fans


Within a month of Netflix releasing Sense8 Season 2 with minimal fanfare or marketing, the series beloved for LGBTQ+ and racial diversity was unceremoniously cancelled.

The loyal fandom was instantly up in arms, circulating the hashtags #RenewSense8 and #BringBackSense8 and launching multiple petitions for Netflix to give the show another chance. (A friend even asked me to “use my powers” and help out, which means he either fundamentally misunderstands my job or thinks I myself am a sensate.)

Netflix released an official statement Thursday in direct response to these efforts — sadly, the show’s fate won’t change. Read more…

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Offred from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ represents women in Trump’s America, says Elisabeth Moss


Hulu’s timely adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale is proving profoundly resonant for women living in Trump’s America. So resonant that even Elisabeth Moss —who plays protagonist Offred — feels her character represents the women in her country at this time.

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In an interview on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour, Moss said that of all the roles she’s ever played, Offred is “nearest to Elisabeth.”

“Being Offred. That’s who I would be if there was a Gilead. Most likely I’d be a Handmaid,” said Moss.

“I feel that she represents women in my country at this time. I’m one of those women,” Moss continued. Moss added that she feels a personal connection to Offred; one that’s different to other roles she’s played.  Read more…

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Donald Trump breaks Twitter silence with predictable James Comey rant


Somehow, Donald Trump managed to restrain himself from tweeting yesterday.

Throughout James Comey’s testimony — which aimed some pretty no-nonsense barbs at the President — Trump managed to hold himself back. It was the first full day he’s gone without tweeting in a long, long time.

It was never going to last, though.

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On Friday morning, Trump finally did what everyone was waiting for. He posted an angry, mildly confusing tweet about Comey.

Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2017 Read more…

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In praise of Antiope, Robin Wright’s badass general of ‘Wonder Woman’


Diana may be the idealistic princess of Themyscira, and Hippolyta its proud queen. When it comes to rough, tough, punch-Nazis-in-the-fucking-face badassery, though, Antiope rules them all.

Played by Robin Wright, the Amazonian general is a force to be reckoned with. Her commanding presence make her a natural leader, while her battle scars suggest she’s been through some stuff and come out the other side stronger than ever. 

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She’s hands-down the fiercest warrior on the entire island – even Hippolyta acknowledges as much – until she trains Diana herself to be even better. In other words, Diana’s fearless prowess on the battlefield in acts two and three?  Read more…

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Tom Cruise and James Corden’s boat trip is spectacularly awkward


Setting up a cruise ship business with the star of Top Gun may sound like fun, but the reality is much more complex.

Just ask James Corden. In the sketch above, The Late Late Show star joins Tom Cruise for an impromptu boat party on London’s River Thames.

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It starts off well enough, but the reality quickly becomes clear: when it’s a contest between you and the guy who has completed more impossible missions than you can count, there’s only ever going to be one winner. Read more…

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