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Tools Of The Trade | An Inside Look Into The Automotive Detailing Industry

car detailing Edmond OKAt one of our main objectives is to explore the tools used by industry insiders in various fields. In this behind the scenes interview we spoke with the owner of Chase Detailing in Edmond Oklahoma and asked him about the various tools needed to run a successful auto detailing business. Below is our Q&A.


Q: How did you get started auto detailing in Edmond, OK?

A: As a kid I used to wash my dads cars on the weekends in Edmond, he would have me wash and detail the interior and exterior.

Q: How old were you when you decided to make a living with it?

A: Well I never had really thought about making a living with it, it was just something I was doing in college for extra cash. Now it’s a living.

Q: What’s the nicest car you ever detailed?

A: One of the players from the Oklahoma Thunder came by and dropped off his Ferrari. It was a 2012 Ferrari California and it was beautiful!!



Q: Did you take it for a spin?

A: Ha, no.. not at all. In fact I was nervous to even clean it.

Q: What are you’re favorite tools to use when detailing a car?

A: I like the car buffers, polishers, and rotary brushes. Anything electric that takes the elbow grease out of the process.

Q: What about for the interior? Do you have a preference for vacuum’s or shampooers?

A: Yeah, depending on the car and the amount of carpet to clean. I like the Dyson V6 trigger and some of the Bissell products.

Q: What’s your favorite vehicle to detail?

A: I really like detailing boats, surprisingly there are a lot of boats in Oklahoma and I prefer detailing them over cars.

Q: What’s next?

A: I hope we continue to grow, continue auto detailing here in Edmond OK and the surrounding areas. Then I want to expand.

Next Month On ToolingTimes.Com

After catching up with Chase Detailing I was able to take a tour of the facility. The place was really clean as one would expect from an automotive detailing outfit. Oklahoma was a fun stop, glad we caught up with another industry insider here at ToolingTimes. Next month we will be talking with some local roofing contractors and discussing the tools used in todays roofing world and talking about compressed nail guns vs hammers and the difference in craftsmanship between compressed nails and hand hammered nails.

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