These mysterious light pillars surprised Malaysian photographers out on a trek


This brilliant display of lights looks like it came from the North Pole, but it was actually shot in Malaysia.

Last Thursday, a group of photographers were out on a trek to capture shots of the Milky Way, when they were surprised by these light pillars. 

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The multicoloured light pillars are a natural phenomenon that occurs when light reflects off the mirror-like surfaces of ice crystals. They are usually found in the polar regions, but have appeared at lower latitudes before.

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TSA agent finds 20-pound lobster in luggage and it was surprisingly cooperative


On this edition of “what the hell are you trying to get through airport security,” a TSA agent at Boston Logan airport came across a surprising passenger.

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While screening checked luggage, the agent found a massive crustacean chilling in a cooler and snapped a picture with his clawed friend. 

.@TSA officers are skilled at screening all sorts of items in checked baggage…including this 20+ pound lobster at @BostonLogan

— Michael McCarthy (@TSAmedia_MikeM) June 26, 2017

The lobster was over 20 pounds. Look at the sea creature compared to the inspecting agent. It’s bigger than his torso! Read more…

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KFC employee is the spitting image of Korean movie star and people are going crazy over him


This KFC employee from the Philippines is turning a lot of heads in his outlet.

He’s started going viral, after Facebook user Eriel Pangan Mendoza posted a picture of the employee who bears a startling resemblance to Korean star Gong Yoo. 

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Gong Yoo, who’s known for his starring turn in movie Train to Busan, and TV series Goblin, is one of Korea’s biggest actors right now.

So imagine her surprise when she came face to face with him:

The 22-year-old employee’s name is Michael Cordova, and he’s been at KFC for seven months, according to Cosmo Philippines. Read more…

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Google slammed with record fine from EU


Bad news for Google. 

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The European Commission has fined the tech giant a record €2.42 billion ($2.72 billion; £2.13 billion) for “abusing dominance as search engine” by promoting its own shopping comparison service over others. 

The ruling also puts a 90-day deadline for Google to end its anti-competitive practices or risk paying up to 5% of the average daily worldwide turnover of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. 

“Google has come up with many innovative products and services that have made a difference to our lives,” Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said. Read more…

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Foursquare is now working behind-the-scenes with Asia’s biggest social networks


You may be seeing Foursquare less and less as a consumer, but behind the scenes, the company is set to touch more aspects of your life than you’ll realise.

This is especially the case in Asia, where Foursquare just announced a seriously impressive roster of partnerships with some of the region’s biggest companies.

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We’re talking Tencent, Samsung, LG, for starters, not to mention other companies like Momo, Travel Japan Wi-Fi, Path, and Carousell.

Tencent owns China’s biggest and practically ubiquitous messaging app, WeChat. Its 889 million monthly active users use the app to chat, share updates on their timelines, and even pay widely for goods and services with its mobile wallet. Read more…

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The Queen is getting a massive pay rise and Twitter isn’t impressed


At 91, the Queen might be well beyond her pension age, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting a massive pay rise. 

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A record-breaking performance by the Crown Estate, which owns residential properties, commercial offices, businesses, and land across Britain, means the Queen will get an 8% increase in income from public funds. 

The Sovereign Grant, which funds the monarch’s household, official travel, and upkeep of palaces, will increase from £76 million ($97 million) in 2017-18 to £82.2 million ($104.9 million) next April.  Read more…

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Seth Meyers says Trumpcare is more than just bad: it’s ‘cartoonishly evil’


Perhaps because Democrats have taken the non-step of calling the Senate’s insurance draft  “mean” in recent weeks, Late Night host Seth Meyers has decided to use slightly stronger language: “comically villainous.”

The comedian went after the Senate’s bill in an extended rant last night. The proposed legislation, according to the comedian, could only be worse if it “mandated tying damsels in distress to railroad tracks.”

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To be fair, the Senate bill will only leave 22 million more uninsured compared to the House Bill of 25 million. That’s an improvement of 10% — which is statistically, technically, less evil than the other one. Congrats! Read more…

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Take a POV ride on this delightful Lego rollercoaster at the beach


Just when you thought you were a full-grown adult, you suddenly find yourself watching a POV video of a Lego rollercoaster at the beach.

With some help from a few friends, YouTuber 5MadMovieMakers created an impressive gravity-driven coaster at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. After a few runs, they eventually attach a GoPro to the car, giving the viewer a perfect POV shot of all the action. 

For the record, it’s perfectly acceptable to play with Lego at any age.  Read more…

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Miranda Kerr hands over $8.1 million in jewellery to US investigators


Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has handed over $8.1 million in jewellery to U.S. authorities, after the items — gifted to her — were said to have been bought using stolen government money.

The items include an 8.8 carat diamond pendant worth $3.8 million. Kerr handed them over to the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) on Friday.

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The jewels was given to Kerr by Malaysian financier Jho Low, whom she dated for a year in 2014, said the WSJ, citing a source.

Kerr married Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, a month ago. Read more…

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Wanted man Stephen Colbert says agents followed him ‘everywhere’ on his Russia trip


Comedians who say their humor is “risky” have to be one of the most irritating breeds of comedians. 

Stephen Colbert is one of the delightful exceptions to the rule. On The Late Show last night, Colbert disclosed that he believed Russian intelligence agents were following him around on his latest trip to Russia.

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Colbert spent almost a week in Russia filming various field pieces. Only the comedian’s most “hard-core” fans from Russian intelligence followed him.

“It’s important to keep your eye on a comedian while he’s in Russia, doing jokes. I could be giving state secrets to the Russians. Oh wait, somebody’s already got that covered,” Colbert said. Read more…

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