Almost no big retailers support Bitcoin, and it’s not hard to guess why


Bitcoin’s price has been booming in the last two years (with some recent hiccups). This must mean that the cryptocurrency is becoming ubiquitous at online retailers, right?

Wrong. According to a new Morgan Stanley report, via Bloomberg, only three out of 500 largest online merchants accept Bitcoin. 

And it’s not growing either. That number is down from five retailers last year. 

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The report doesn’t say which three retailers accept Bitcoin, but it’s not very hard to guess—one is likely Overstock, which has been strongly advocating Bitcoin since 2014. But the largest online stores—Amazon, Wal-Mart, Apple—still do not accept direct payments with any cryptocurrency.  Read more…

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If these stories from people who saw ‘The Big Sick’ don’t get you to a theater, nothing will


There’s no one way to describe The Big Sick. It’s a love story, a story of family, a story of illness, a story of struggling on the road to success. It’s also a true story that happened to writers Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, and as the film prepares for worldwide release, Nanjiani shared some of the heartfelt responses audiences have had to it.

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A young man of Indian/Pakistani heritage stood up in NY next to his white girlfriend & was choking up so hard he couldn’t get words out.

— Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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Intense video shows elephant stranded at sea being saved by rescuers


This wasn’t your typical rescue mission.

An intense video circulating the internet (a version of which was posted by the Daily Mirror Sri Lanka and embedded above) shows rescuers from the Sri Lanka navy towing an elephant stranded at sea back to shore. 

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In the video, the elephant can be seen struggling to stay afloat and keep its trunk above water after being carried away by a strong current nearly 16km (9.9m) off Sri Lanka’s north-eastern coast.

Fortunately, the Sri Lankan navy picked up the elephant after it was spotted by a patrol boat, according to 9 News.  Read more…

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Bumble borrows Tinder’s thirstiest feature and we’re not entirely sure why


The Tinder SuperLike is, without a doubt, the app’s thirstiest, most desperate feature. And now rival app Bumble has just launched a copycat version of the feature — called “SuperSwipe” — for reasons beyond our comprehension. 

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Bumble announced the new SuperSwipe feature Wednesday, claiming that the feature allows you to tell potential matches “you’re confidently interested in them”. In a blog post announcing the new feature, Bumble said that users need only tap the new heart icon on a person’s profile and they’ll be “notified” that you’re interested in “getting to know them better”.  Read more…

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New Spotify feature seems to miss the entire point of music


There’s something really, truly special about flipping from a band called Oozing Wound to, oh, the second act of Sergei Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet. It’s why Spotify is one of the greatest products of the App Age, and it’s also why we have some issues with the service’s new “Spotify for Brands” page.

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Visit, which launched during the Cannes Lions Festival last month, and you’ll be treated to an assessment of your music-listening habits. We use that word carefully, because this is absolutely an evaluation of who you are as a consumer, as measured by what music you enjoy. Like any widely used online product trying to make a buck, Spotify collects a ton of data about its users and generates insights based on that data.  Read more…

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Hodor surprises fans, holds the door one last time on a ‘Game of Thrones’ tour in Northern Ireland


Hodor, you may gone, but you will never be forgotten. Kristian Nairn — the actor who played the iconic one-line character — is making sure of it.

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Nairn crashed one of Trip Advisor’s top-ranked Game of Thrones tours in Northern Ireland. 

He ironically hid behind a door while the tour guide spoke to the group. He then popped out from behind it to surprise the unsuspecting crowd. 

Nairn recorded his stunt and shared it on Twitter. 

Had one more chance to #HoldTheDoor. Thanks @TripAdvisor for helping me surprise fans on the #GOT tour in Northern Ireland! #TripAdvisor

— Kristian Nairn (@KristianNairn) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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White Walkers invade the streets of London ahead of next ‘Game of Thrones’


It’s winter in July on the streets of London.

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Londoners casually going about their business yesterday might have looked up from their phones to see a terrifying sight — a band of White Walkers trolling the city. Thankfully, they weren’t out for blood. They were there to promote the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

The Night King and his minions toured some of London’s most popular sites to get people hyped about what is sure to be an epic seventh season.

‘White Walkers’ just rode into central London on horseback to promote new Game of Thrones season#Gameofthrones #Season7 #Whitewalkers #HBO

— Business Insider UK (@BIUK) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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Gandalf and Professor McGonagall had a magical time at Wimbledon


It really doesn’t get much more magical than Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen hanging out together.

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Everyone’s favourite witch and wizard pairing visited Wimbledon on Wednesday to take in some of that sweet tennis action.

Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen are having a good look from the Royal Box

👉 #Wimbledon #bbctennis

— BBC Tennis (@bbctennis) July 12, 2017

And from the looks of it, they had an awesome time.

Minerva McGonagall & Gandalf the Grey maybe great wizards,but even they were amazed by the magic a certain Roger Federer produced #Wimbledon

— ZENIA D’CUNHA (@ZENIADCUNHA) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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Company starts offering ‘menstrual leave’ for women on the first day of their period


This is something we all need, stat. 

An Indian media company is offering “menstrual leave” to its female staff, encouraging them to take the first day of their periods off.

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Culture Machine, which employs 75 women, is applying the new policy from July on, and has called on other companies in the country to implement the same policy.

The company, which makes viral videos for the internet, also produced a video of its female staff talking about the challenges they face at work while on their period, and eventually reacting to the new policy. Read more…

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