7 portable grills to have a BBQ everywhere you go


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We can all agree that summertime means three things: ice cream for dinner, an unhealthy obsession with air conditioning, and the ubiquitous weekend barbecue. But keeping a grill in your backyard to facilitate those get-togethers isn’t always feasible.

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If you have space constraints or are looking to grill on the go, this roundup features wood, propane, and charcoal options that can be stowed away until you need to use them. None of these are super powerful three-burner gas grills, but will get the job done without all of the bulk.   Read more…

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Damnit, Chance


Damnit, Chance.

Chance the Rapper’s long been known as a rap iconoclast, with a persona largely centered around humility. He’s a rapper with a bashful embrace of fame, but bars he can’t help being famous for. He raps about his relationship God, about the grit of Chicago’s South Side violence, and the bores of bling and materialism (his clique: Savemoney). He’s laid waste to so many archetypes that the modern day, flex-addicted rapper ostensibly needs. Chance the Rapper is, as far as they go, a Good Guy.

All of which makes this story about him and MTV brutally disappointing. 

This week, journalist Jordan Sargent’s published a piece for SPIN about MTV News and their overlords’ decision to pivot their decision strategy from well-reported, smart (if not controversial) writing to video content. Of course, that pivot also involved layoffs of some of its most celebrated writers and editors. It was a thoroughly reported, well-sourced deep dive into the motivations behind the move, and it produced a number of fascinating tidbits behind the struggles MTV News faced covering the subjects it was often otherwise promoting. Read more…

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NASA has better things to do than answer questions about the stupidest conspiracy ever


NASA currently has a budget of billions of dollars and is working hard on too many missions to list, including future space travel and climate change and yet — AND YET — they were still forced to take time out of their day to deny a mind-numbingly asinine conspiracy that’s basically “PizzaGate on Mars.”

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Yes. Someone has accused NASA of being ringleaders of a child slave colony on Mars. 

If you’re brain just melted and leaked out your ears leaving you in a catatonic state just from reading that last sentence, congrats, you’re not alone. 

I’m not even going to say who first brought the conspiracy theory up because 1) you can probably guess it in one try and 2) I am not going to even dignify that ass with mentioning their name.  Read more…

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Lost dog happily reunited with family after being found 200 miles from home


Being lost is a scary feeling, but imagine if you were a lost doggo away from your family. 

Though it must have been terrifying, one brave pet stayed strong while away from home for five months.

A police officer from the Pembroke Pines Police Department in Florida found a lost little Pomeranian on the side of the road earlier this month. The dog, Sassy, wasn’t just just a block or two away from home; she was about 200 miles away from home. 

In January, 6-year-old Sassy had been out enjoying the day in her family’s backyard with her other doggy siblings, according to the Miami Herald. Sassy’s owner Barbara Dawson called all of them inside after 15 minutes, but Sassy was nowhere to be found. Read more…

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This Fourth of July, it is your patriotic duty to go see ‘Wonder Woman’


Ahh, the Fourth of July. The most patriotic of American holidays, where people eat hot dogs, drink beer, and talk about American greatness while watching fireworks.

It’s no wonder that many people (wuddup resistance) may not be feeling so great about all that this year. For those people, I’ve got a proposal: Celebrate America’s birthday this year by going to see Wonder Woman.    

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Yes, I’m serious. Look, calling your senators about health care and marching for science are important, worthy activities, but on the Fourth of July … people are out of their offices? Even real-life superheroes need a two-hour break sometimes, and boy, does Wonder Woman deliver that reprieve and more.    Read more…

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Facebook could now be fined $57m over hate speech


Facebook beware — Germany is finally getting serious on fighting hate speech, and that has wider consequences.

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For some time, the European country flagged the possibility it could impose a heavy fine on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for allowing fake news and hate messages to proliferate. 

On Friday, German lawmakers passed the Network Enforcement Act, commonly nicknamed as the “Facebook law”, under which social media companies could face a fine of up to €50m (£43m; $57m) for failing to crack down on hate speech, criminal material and fake news.  Read more…

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Relatable baby flamingo is trying very hard to be an adult


If you think a small baby flamingo desperately trying to adult sounds adorable, congratulations. You are a genius and you are absolutely correct.

Here’s the little bird in question. It’s currently living at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary, where it is enchanting visitors and the internet alike by being 1) fluffy and 2) extremely leggy.

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Brighten up your week by meeting a baby flamingo! Help us welcome this newly hatched flamingo at the National Aviary#NationalAviary pic.twitter.com/GSy70DI9Sb

— National Aviary (@National_Aviary) June 29, 2017 Read more…

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Inside the employee mind: How to understand your employees, and keep them happy


As the workforce evolves, staying on top of employees’ needs will not only help companies to attract new hires, but to retain the talent they already have.

But the truth is, employers aren’t always on the same page as their employees.

Drawing from key findings by the ADP Research Institute®, here’s everything employers need to know in order to better understand their employees – and keep them happy.  

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Kittenfishing is the newest online dating trend — and it’s kinda just lying


You’ve heard of catfishing, but have you heard of the diet version of this deceitful practice?

Let us introduce you to Kittenfishing, the newest way to get scammed on a dating app. Coined by the dating app Hinge, it’s essentially defined as presenting yourself on a dating app in an unrealistically positive way. 

This could be as simple as using profile photos that are outrageously outdated or heavily edited. Or it can be more emotional, like straight-up lying about your talents, interests, or accomplishments. It can even come in the form of slight exaggerations that lead people to think you are someone you’re not.  Read more…

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