The internet waves goodbye to Steve Bannon with its middle finger


Few happy moments still exist in the Twitterverse anymore, so when Steve Bannon resigned from the White House, the tweets flew fast, furious, and anti-fascist. 

On Friday, The New York Times reported that the White House was planning to force out Trump’s chief strategist, and the internet was ready with jokes. It’s been a horrible week for anyone who’s not, say, a Neo-Nazi, so it’s no surprise that (most of) the internet celebrated.

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With Bannon gone, that’s one less white nationalist sympathizer in the office and, f*ck, so many more to go. Read more…

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Leaked images show off one of the iPhone 8’s key components


The iPhone 8 is (hopefully) coming soon, and we might just have a closer look at one of its most important components. 

The new A11 processor chip that will power the next iPhone allegedly appears in newly leaked photos posted to Slashleaks, which were first spotted by MacRumors. The 10-nanometer chips are reportedly manufactured exclusively by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and expected to power the upcoming iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, and iPhone 7S Plus models. 

The A11 chip should give the phones improved speed and efficiency, along with enough power for new features like 3D facial scanning.  Read more…

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An app paid me $10 to wait in line and then party at Samsung’s NYC space


The line outside of Samsung’s New York City event space on Thursday night stretched down the block, hundreds of people queued in a way that’s common in the city’s club-heavy Meatpacking District.

They were ostensibly there to enjoy the band Judah & the Lion and check out a livestream of Coldplay in concert. In truth, many, including myself, were getting paid just to be in line.

I had on the day prior signed up for Surkus, a new app that pairs people with events in need of people. Surkus can find models for your rooftop party or make your new restaurants seem like the hottest thing in town. On Thursday, Samsung apparently needed people to give their event the appearance of overwhelming demand. Read more…

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Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels that will roll away from your sleepy head


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Sleepyheads around the world have developed a host of tricks to wake themselves up. Some use extra loud alarm clocks or set a handful of different devices to go off at once. And yet, so many of us still end up snoozing — and then dashing to work at a sprint. 

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Meet Clocky, the alarm clock on wheels. Clocky goes off at the appointed time… but that’s where the normal part ends. If you don’t get up, it rolls off your bedside table and starts zooming around your room, beeping like mad. You’ve got to get out of bed and track the little guy down to turn it off—at which point we pretty much guarantee you’ll be wide awake. Read more…

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This plastic card could be the ultimate life hack


FORMcard is basically Play-Doh for adults. The multitool becomes moldable to whatever shape you want after it’s immersed in hot water. You can shape it to be a phone stand or wrap it around a broken tool handle or whatever needs fixing. It’s super strong when it’s cooled down and can be reused when you put it back into hot water making it a must-have life hack. A pack of nine costs $22.  Read more…

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Look at this bear in the backyard prepping for a fun day at the pool


Somebody get the suntan lotion and a swimming cap because one bear is ready to take a fun, relaxing dip in the pool.

In British Columbia, Canada, someone captured a black bear on video they found in their uncle’s backyard. The poor thing probably just wanted to chill out in the pool, but didn’t seem to be the most confident swimmer. Hence the floatie. 

But this wasn’t the bear’s first visit.

“The day before he was eating out of the trash can in the garage,” the video’s description says. “It first bit the water float, then it put it on its head and walked a bit with it. He fished out something out of the drain filter in the pool, drank a bit and then calmly walked away.” Read more…

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Robert Pattinson goes on the run in a new ‘Good Time’ clip

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Oh, NBD, just the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sitting next to some cigarette butts


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