Apple just gave away all the iPhone camera’s secrets


Just because you know how to press your iPhone’s camera shutter and record button and snap the perf selfie doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of the incredibly capable camera.

To help iPhone users take better (maybe even “Shot on iPhone” worthy) photos, Apple’s launched a new website with a bunch of informative photography tips and tricks.

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Some of these “how to shoot” tutorials may be obvious if you’re already familiar with all of the various modes within the iPhone’s camera app, but chances are you aren’t. Read more…

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The ‘X-Men’ universe has two Stark sisters now


New Mutants has some new stars.

The X-Men spinoff has just cast Game of Thrones alum Maisie Williams and Split star Anya Taylor-Joy, Mashable has confirmed. Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) is directing.

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That makes Williams the second Stark sibling to join the X-Men universe. Her small-screen sis, Sophie Turner, starred in X-Men: Apocalypse last year and is set to return for Dark Phoenix next year.

New Mutants is pitched as a YA take on the X-Men series, following a group of students as they navigate teen angst and mutant powers. Williams will play Wolfsbane, a Scottish girl whose werewolf-like powers are in conflict with her religious beliefs. Read more…

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Microsoft’s new strategy: A deeper meaning


Satya Nadella changed Microsoft.

That’s the assessment of Microsoft Executive VP for Windows and Devices Terry Myerson who was recalling the very first staff meeting with the newly installed CEO three years ago.

“He deeply was convicted about refreshing our mission statement,” said Myerson, who sat down with me a few weeks ago, just hours after unveiling Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop.

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Myerson looked a little drained (“I kind of feel like I go down in a dark cave for two days before these events”) and was careful not to tip anything coming at this week’s Build Developer’s Conference, but he wanted to explain Microsoft’s transition from a company that builds good products to one that more intentionally marries form and function. It all started, it seems with the new mission statement: Read more…

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The Russians trolled Trump and released photos of him on the internet


With all the communication between Russian government officials and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, you’d think someone at the White House would know that the Kremlin is home to professional trolls. 

But they apparently didn’t realize this until after a photo session at the White House on Wednesday went public. 

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Trump hosted Russia’s U.S. ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the White House on Wednesday. Members of the U.S. press weren’t allowed in, and photos from the official White House photographer didn’t appear anywhere until the following day.  Read more…

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The New Yorker just compared Trump to United Airlines and it’s brutal


The New Yorker has capped off an insane week — and it’s only Thursday — with preview of next week’s issue. And it’s absolutely brutal. Take a look:

An early look at next week’s cover, “Ejected,” by Barry Blitt:

— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) May 11, 2017

The cover features recently fired FBI Director James Comey in a purple suit with blood dripping ever-so-slightly from his nose as he’s dragged off a plane in a way that can only be called “United-style.” The dragger? None other than Jeff Sessions, the U.S. attorney general who was supposed to have recused himself from anything Russia investigation related, clad in full law enforcement uniform.  Read more…

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Donald Trump is a big boy president who gets more ice cream than everyone else


Is it possible to already know news before it happens, because it feels like we already knew about this.  

President Trump, while eating dinner in the White House, gets two scoops of ice cream while everyone else gets one. He gets an extra scoop. Obviously.

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The president invited three Time reporters to spend a day at the White House on Monday, which ended with a candlelit dinner in the Blue Room, and there were some pretty notable differences between the four dinner attendees’ meals.

While the three reporters were served salad with a vinaigrette, Trump got what appeared to be Thousand Island dressing. During the entree portion of the meal, the president got “an extra dish of sauce” with his chicken. While everyone else was offered water, President Trump drank—interestingly—a Diet Coke. Read more…

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6 ways to survive bullying and feel good about yourself


People once routinely brushed off bullying as a normal part of childhood that built character. Now we know with certainty that it actually tears people down in devastating ways. 

The longterm risks of bullying, however, don’t have to shape the rest of your life. While the research on protecting yourself from those effects is still limited, there are some important steps you can take to boost your resiliency and improve your coping skills. 

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Studies have shown a connection between being bullied and doing worse in school, abusing alcohol, and experiencing mental health problems. New research published this week in Pediatrics, for example, showed that more frequent bullying experiences in the fifth grade were associated with symptoms of depression in the seventh grade, which was related to a higher chance of using alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes in the 10th grade. A separate Psychological Science study indicated that both bullies and victims were at higher risk for feeling more stress and had fewer skills for managing stress as adults.  Read more…

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Become your mom’s favorite child with the gift of a flower doughnut


There has been talk on the internet of doughnuts going too far. A recent article argued that purveyors of fried dough have overreached with their unorthodox takes on the original treat. 

But wary as I am of doughnuts made from fried spaghetti, Doughnut Plant’s pretty “Doughflowers” make a strong case for the unusual.

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Image: lili sams/mashable

Per the New York Times, the doughnut shop is selling pastries formed in the shape of flowers and dipped in sweet blood orange, strawberry, or rose glazes. 

Though a Doughnut Plant representative wouldn’t tell us exactly how they’re made, he did share that owner Chef Mark Israel has spent the past five months perfecting his method. Each is made by hand so that no two are the same. Read more…

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Snapchat is testing a new way to make money — with Hello Kitty


Snapchat may soon be introducing a new way for it to make money — with a little help from some furry friends. 

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A tipster sent us a snap taken by Gabe Lehrman, a partnership associate at Snap, that shows a selfie of him surrounded by a bunch of virtual stickers. The stickers are of characters in Sanrio, including Hello Kitty and Badtz-Maru.

Text over the snap reads: “First partnered stickers alert!!”

Image: snap screenshot/gabe lehrman

Apparently Snapchat is testing more virtual stickers that aren’t by their own design or copied from someone else’s, as this story from The Ringer exposed.  Read more…

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Apple might reveal a new iPad next month


A redesigned iPad Pro might be announced next month.

9to5Mac has obtained an image of what it claims is an inventory listing for cases for an iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen — an iPad that doesn’t exist yet.

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According to the listing, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is preparing to ship folio cases made for a 10.5-inch iPad Pro in June. 

Case leaks are a dime a dozen and nothing new when it comes to revealing unannounced products, but the fact that UAG, a major case maker, is throwing its weight behind what is only a rumored iPad Pro suggests Apple might not wait until the fall to revamp its most powerful tablet. Read more…

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