BMW’s autonomous concept car of the future was cool, I guess


As I approached San Francisco International Airport, my expectations for BMW’s new concept car were as big as the looming Boeing 777F Lufthansa cargo jet waiting for me. 

I had surrendered my cellphone and everything in my purse but my drivers license to see BMW’s iNext vehicle. Its tour started in Munich a few days earlier; it came to the Bay Area after a stop at New York’s JFK airport, and was scheduled to continue on to Beijing. Talk about precious cargo.

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After passing a final security check, I climbed up the rickety staircase with fellow media members and entered the cavernous aircraft. We had been told very little about what we were going to see, except it was not only the “car of the future” but the “idea of the future.” Read more…

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Google ‘mistakenly’ altered settings on Pixel phones. Whoops.


Your confusion would be totally understandable. 

A host of Pixel smartphone owners found themselves with small mystery on their hands earlier this week, after they noticed that the battery-saver feature on their phones had randomly engaged — despite the phones having almost full charges. Who, or what, was to blame? A glitch? Perhaps a forgotten setting, toggled on long ago?

Nope. It would, in fact, be Google — remotely changing settings on people’s phones in the background with no notification or warning. And oh yeah, Google didn’t even mean to. 

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Terry Crews shares apology letter from the agent that allegedly assaulted him


Terry Crews has accepted an apology from Adam Venit.

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On Friday, Crews posted the apology letter he received from former William Morris Endeavor agent, the man who Crews said sexually assaulted him at an industry function in 2016. The allegations first surfaced when Crews wrote about it last fall in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s fall and the breakout of the #MeToo movement. 


Received: March 22nd, 2018

Accepted WITH HIS RESIGNATION: September 10th, 2018#Accountability

Read in full below:

— terrycrews (@terrycrews) September 14, 2018 Read more…

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Massachusetts cops’ tweet-fail reveals they’re monitoring political activists


It seems like it’s getting harder these days to hide the fact that you’re surreptitiously monitoring left-wing political activists. And accidentally tweeting proof of that fact sure doesn’t make it any easier. 

Massachusetts state police are dealing with that reality this week after a Twitter slip-up revealed that they were keeping tabs on a number of political groups in the area. And, surprise, it was anti-Trump and anti police-brutality groups that are under the cops’ watchful eyes.

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Helpfully, The Guardian recaps what went down. While tweeting a warning to residents potentially affected by the tragic gas explosions rocking the Boston suburbs this past week, the state police included a photo of a map of other areas that might require evacuation.  Read more…

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Photos and videos show the destruction and power of Florence


While Florence is, as of 12:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, now “just” a tropical storm, it has still ripped the Carolina coast with heavy winds and record-breaking rainfall, causing widespread damage for humans and wildlife alike. 

Photos and videos from around the region, and particularly North Carolina, showed the power that Florence contained as it came ashore, leading to rescues across the area.

Residents of New Bern, NC and their dog are rescued from rising floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence.

Residents of New Bern, NC and their dog are rescued from rising floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence.

Image: Getty Images

Rescues were underway even as Florence's heavy rains and winds continued to batter the region.

Rescues were underway even as Florence’s heavy rains and winds continued to batter the region.

Image: Getty Images Read more…

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Apple moves to thwart Facebook tracking


Apple and Facebook are not friends. 

We’ve seen the beef between the two Silicon Valley giants play out over the course of the past year, with Apple CEO Tim Cook making derisive comments about Facebook’s profiling of users, only to have Mark Zuckerberg attempt a comeback. But the war of words has escalated to action.

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Starting Tuesday, reports the Associated Press, Apple’s Safari browser will update to automatically block certain types of cookies that Facebook relies on to track users as they move across the web. While this added protection will initially be limited to the iPad and iPhone, those who prefer to browse on their Macs won’t have to wait long — specifically, they’ll only have to wait one additional week.  Read more…

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The heart-wrenching tale of one man rescued from Florence and his cat named ‘Survivor’


As the remnants of what was once Hurricane Florence continues spinning inland, dropping massive amounts of rain and causing damage and widespread flooding, stories of survival are beginning to emerge from the Carolina coast. Including that of a kitten who is literally a “Survivor.”

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It all began with this photo from Charlotte Observer reporter Andrew Carter on Friday evening, showing Robert Simmons, Jr. of New Bern, North Carolina being rescued with his kitten. 

The kitten’s name? “Survivor.”

Meet Robert Simmons. Was stuck in his house since last night, when floodwaters began to rise in New Bern. A boat came and rescued him just now. He was sad to leave his father but left with his kitten hugging his neck. Cat’s name: Survivor, Simmons said#HurricaneFlorence2018

— Andrew Carter (@_andrewcarter) September 14, 2018 Read more…

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Anna Kendrick made Barack Obama double over with laughter in 2012. Now we know why.


You want to know what real power looks like? Walking up to the President of the United States and calling him an asshole.

During the era of Donald Trump, sure, saying something like that could go very badly. But back in 2012, when politics was less of a bloodsport and President Barack Obama still lived in the White House, Anna Kendrick didn’t just get away with it — she got the president laughing hysterically.

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“I called him an asshole and scolded him for not knowing enough about the 50 states,” Kendrick told Stephen Colbert during a Friday appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Read more…

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FEMA to test a new system that allows the president to send an alert to your phone


Get ready for a new alert coming straight to your phone, this time from the president himself.

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On the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 20, FEMA will send two alerts to cell phones across the nation, both of them tests of its Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). At 2:18 p.m. ET, there will be a test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) which will be followed at 2:20 p.m. ET by the first ever national test of the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system.

The tests themselves aren’t new but, until now the WEA has been focused regionally. The system launched in 2012 thanks to the Warning, Alert and Response Network (WARN) Act.  Read more…

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Please enjoy this video of a tattooed Dr. Phil rocking with Good Charlotte just because


Leave it to the mind behind Carpool Karaoke to bring together a pairing like Good Charlotte and Dr. Phil. 

Yes, in a skit for his Late Late Show, James Corden brought in the television shrink in an attempt to elevate the pop-punk vets from Good Charlotte to “Great Charlotte” and the pairing was… interesting!

Things went even one step further when a (fake) tattooed Phil joined the band on stage for their performance, the kind of partnership that, on paper, seems utterly strange but, in execution, manages, somehow, to work!

Plus, it gives us the greatest Dr. Phil tweet of all time.

I’m here to rock this bitch! 🤘🏼

— Dr. Phil (@DrPhil) September 14, 2018 Read more…

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