Melbourne, Australia is the world’s most liveable city for the seventh year in a row


Now they’re just rubbing it in.

The city of Melbourne in Australia for the seventh year in a row running (count it, seriously), has been named the most liveable city in the world by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit.

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With a near-perfect 97.5/100 livability rating, Melbourne narrowly beat Vienna, Austria, which sits in second place. It’s followed by the Canadian cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. 

No U.S. cities made the top ten. Nor did Melbourne’s arch-rival, Sydney, which sits all the way back in eleventh place, ya suckers. Read more…

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This guy’s amazing Tinder profile is a PowerPoint sales pitch


If your Tinder profile doesn’t look like a PowerPoint slide, you’re not doing it right.

Niket Biswas, a software engineering manager at Facebook in New York, decided he wanted to create a Tinder profile that was far from generic — and he did.

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Biswas spent two hours on presentation software Keynote before finally coming up with this, which he uploaded to Tinder last Saturday:

Image: niket biswas/supplied





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Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner surprise ‘Game of Thrones’ fans in Carpool Karaoke trailer


The Stark girls may not be getting on super well in Westeros right now, but their off-screen relationship has never been better.

Just check Apple’s trailer above for their upcoming Carpool Karaoke episode. You can only sing that passionately in front of people you’re truly friends with, right?

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We’re also looking forward to seeing what happens when they just jump out on some Game of Thrones fans and scream “WINTER IS COMING”.

Carpool Karaoke: The Series is out now on Apple Music with new episodes being added weekly. Read more…

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Next episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ leaked online, courtesy of HBO Spain


It turns out you don’t need hackers to spoil the next episode of Game of Thrones — HBO Spain is here for your needs!

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This season’s episode 6, due to air Sunday, has leaked online after HBO Spain accidentally made it available to subscribers for an hour before it was removed. 

Reddit user Kingrdgz posted a screenshot of the episode on /r/FreeFolk (SPOILERS!), a popular Game of Thrones discussion board that isn’t moderated. He even posted a 2 minute video from the leak (WARNING, SPOILERS!)

Other users in the thread shared links of the episode being livestreamed on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. All the links have been removed at the time of publication.  Read more…

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Hey, these feeding sugar gliders are really that adorable


You might’ve never heard of a sugar glider before, but this is a pretty good introduction to the Australian marsupial.

Tiny, Beyoncé and Lemonade — yes, even their names are sweet too — are the newest members of the Australian Reptile Park family. They got their own special introduction, as you can see in a video uploaded onto the park’s Facebook page.

The sugar glider is best known for its ability to leap long distances. It has a special membrane which allows it to glide up to 50 metres (164 feet) between trees, according to the Australian Museum.

[h/t Pedestrian.TV] Read more…

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Guess who’s back: Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond


Even though he may be a teensy-weensy bit sick of it, Daniel Craig is back as Agent 007 once again.

The British actor confirmed he would return to the role on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, ending speculation there would be a changing of the guard — for now.

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Craig explained to Colbert that he had been sitting on the Bond decision for “a couple of months.” He’ll be back at it in James Bond 25, set to release in 2019. 

“We’ve been discussing it and we’ve been trying to figure things out, but I always wanted to. I needed a break,” he said. Read more…

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The battle between Walmart and Amazon moves into a surprising new arena


As the industry buzzes about Amazon’s growing  advertising power, its arch-rival is trying its best not to be outdone.

Walmart is now quietly bulking up its own online ads business, according to a recent research note from KeyBanc analyst Ed Yruma. Whereas the retailer previously used space on its site mostly for its own promotions, it’s now increasingly selling it to other brands and vendors.

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Walmart’s already tapping into the same sort of cocktail that’s made Amazon such a potentially formidable force in the ads world: a valuable trove of data on customer shopping habits. The big-box retailer is now also plugging in information collected on in-store sales to give advertisers a fuller picture of the customers they’re targeting. Read more…

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ inadvertently joins the impeach Trump train


Here’s probably the best press that our favourite dating show spin-off, Bachelor In Paradise, will receive.

The show’s Twitter account, which was live-tweeting Tuesday’s episode, somehow mistakenly joined the impeach Trump brigade by including the hashtag “#Impeach45” in its tweet.

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It was attached to a GIF of contestant Raven Gates cannonballing into a pool. We’re sure there’s an analogy somewhere.

Image: mashable screenshot

The tweet was up for an hour, before it was finally and sadly deleted. Not soon enough to prevent the internet from declaring The Bachelor got woke, though. Read more…

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Fancy smart locks marketed to Airbnb hosts permanently broken by software update


The Internet of Things continues to amaze, but unfortunately for all the techno-utopians of the world, it’s for exactly the wrong reasons. 

The latest case study in why connecting every little thing to the internet might not be such a good idea is brought to us by Lockstate — a company that manufactures, among other things, a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock marketed to Airbnb hosts around the world. The device allows for keyless entry and remote monitoring, along with the charming ability to be remotely bricked.

And, surprise, that’s exactly what happened on Aug. 7 when Lockstate pushed an errant firmware update that left a number of its locks permanently busted. Whoops. Read more…

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Anderson Cooper breaks down exactly why Trump’s press conference should bother you


The American public is still trying to process Donald Trump’s disastrous press conference on Tuesday, in which he defended those who marched in a white supremacist rally.

Later that day, Anderson Cooper broke down exactly what was so disturbing about the president’s comments in a segment that lasted more than 11 minutes.

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.@AndersonCooper: Today, Trump seem to go out of his way to whitewash the nature of what was a white power rally

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) August 16, 2017

“In the remarks he made today, the president revealed what he truly thinks about race in America,” Cooper said, before showing clips of Trump trying to downplay a gathering of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and alt-right members that resulted in a protester getting killed by a car.  Read more…

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