Monkey’s wild day at the airport has a happy ending


Anarchy. Rebellion. High drama. 

It was all happening at San Antonio International Airport, where a crafty, incredibly frightened rhesus macaque was on the loose after escaping from its transport crate on Monday afternoon.

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According to local CNN affiliate KSAT, the primate fugitive, identified as Dawkins, was in transit after an American Airlines flight from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, via Chicago. 

Dawkins’ destination? The Born Free USA sanctuary in La Salle County, Texas, which claims to be one of the country’s largest primate sanctuaries.  Read more…

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Charlize Theron will play Megyn Kelly in a movie about Fox News


Charlize Theron is ready to take on Megyn Kelly.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Theron has been cast as the former Fox News anchor in an as-yet-untitled project about the downfall of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes. 

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The script, by Charles Randolph (The Big Short), is said to center on the sexual misconduct allegations raised against Ailes in 2016 — first by Gretchen Carlson in a lawsuit, and then by numerous other women including Kelly. Ailes was forced to resign later that same year.

Carlson is also expected to be a character in the film, along with other prominent Fox News figures like Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteren, and Rupert Murdoch. Theron is the only cast member announced so far. Read more…

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Guy claims to finds old Russian missile in a server room, and the internet freaks


A photo of an old Russian missile in a server room just caused a massive Reddit freak out. 

Redditor WhySoSadCZ posted a photo of “some kind of explosive lying on the floor” on Monday in the subreddit r/WhatisThisThing. They claimed that they were working on the air conditioning for a small office building in the Czech Republic when they found a whole missile in the office’s server room. They claimed that the server room was untouched for two months, and that they had to break in to fix the AC.

“Farewell present from a former employee maybe?” they wondered in the comments. 

Understandably, people on Reddit were freaked out.  Read more…

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’13 Reasons Why’ creator on Season 2’s controversial school shooting plot


Note: This post contains spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 of 13 Reasons Why.

Controversies over heavy subject matter isn’t new for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

Season 1 was criticized for its graphic handling of teen suicide, and now many are questioning Season 2’s ill-timed and controversial plot around gun violence. 

As previously reported, Netflix went as far as to cancel the Season 2 premiere in Los Angeles on Friday, May 18 out of respect for the 10 victims killed earlier that day at the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas. But although the event was canceled, the season was still released on its streaming platform that same Friday, as scheduled. Read more…

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Here’s the aspect of self-driving car testing that’s not dominated by Apple or Google


Last week, Apple’s secretive, self-driving car project got some attention for adding more cars approved for testing in California.

But despite the company’s big name and the heightened curiosity over the iPhone-maker’s foray into autonomous vehicles, the winner here is not the company you’d expect.

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We looked at the past few months of reports from the California DMV’s self-driving permit program to see which of the 50-plus (and growing) companies involved are stepping up its testing. Only two companies — Waymo, the self-driving car program from Google, and one other that has not been publicly revealed at this time — have applied for permits for the state’s truly driverless testing program, which would allow for an empty vehicle. Read more…

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‘Westworld’ should really just be the Maeve show


Westworld Season 1 was a phenomenon that thrived on a method of storytelling best described as burlesque: show ‘em a little bit, but always keep ‘em wanting more. 

It took the entire season’s run to reveal important information that deeply impacted the way the characters had been interacting all along — Bernard is a host! William grows up to become the man in black! Delos is smuggling data out of the park! But when the shock of those reveals wore off, there was the promise of another season that would hopefully answer more of the audience’s burning questions. 

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Hey! Good news! 86-year-old gay man attends Pride for the first time


Pride season is upon us, and with it come the sobs.

This season’s earliest nomination for “Best Video That Makes Me Weep” goes to 86-year-old Martin, who recently attended his very first gay Pride. Martin was 85 when he finally came out to his family and friends.

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“I regret being such a sissy — so nervous, so bloody shy,” Martin says in the inspirational video produced for 5 Gum.

You can feel all the feelings by watching Martin’s story below:

It’s not the things we do that we regret. It’s the things we didn’t do. Meet Martin. How does his story inspire others to be true to themselves? Link in bio to watch more inspirational stories. #NoRegrets #5Gum #WednesdayWisdom #Inspiration #Regret

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Over 29 million Americans got up early to watch the Royal Wedding live


Even though Meghan Markle is marrying into the British royal family, she still has an army of American supporters.

29.2 million Americans tuned in to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding  live on Saturday, according to Deadline with stats from Nielson. That’s more than 10 million more views than William and Kate’s wedding, which drew in an audience of 18.6 million.

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The nuptials brought in 23.7 million views from across network TV channels and 6.9 million views from Facebook and Twitter. Considering the ceremony was broadcasted at 7 a.m. EST, the amount of devoted wedding watchers is pretty impressive.  Read more…

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Siri is telling people it’s getting a major update at WWDC


Siri’s getting a makeover — at least that’s what the Apple digital assistant strongly hinted at with its responses about the upcoming Apple developer conference.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC, is next month and if you ask the voice assistant (I refuse to call an AI a gendered pronoun) what to expect, it hints at a software update and new default voice — and what sounds like a new HomePod speakerThe ApplePost appears to have first discovered Siri giving away conference information when asked.

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What will Siri sound like?

What will Siri sound like?

Image: screenshot/mashable

Software update for Siri?

Software update for Siri?

Image: screenshot/mashable Read more…

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