Amazing pictures of Chris Cornell’s final concert will break your heart


Chris Cornell was one of the most charismatic, powerful singers of his generation, the one that architected the ’90s grunge movement from Seattle. 

Just a few hours before his “sudden and unexpected” death, Cornell performed his final gig in Detroit with Soundgarden. 

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His last tweet paid tribute to the “rock city:” 

#Detroit finally back to Rock City!!!! @soundgarden #nomorebullshit

— Chris Cornell (@chriscornell) May 18, 2017

Soundgarden disbanded in 1997 due to tensions in the band. Cornell later pursued a solo career, joined the Audioslave supergroup but in 2012, he and Soundgarden reunited and released the band’s sixth studio album.  Read more…

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‘Mario Kart’ just removed this ‘offensive’ gesture that you may not have noticed


Bet you didn’t notice this little gesture the last time you played Mario Kart — and now you never will.

A new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe update has just been released, in which developers did away with what could have seen as an offensive gesture. 

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The character Inkling Girl was first seen in the game with her hand resting flat on her bicep while raising a fist — something that could have been perceived as an insult in parts of Europe.

Netizens were also quick to pick up on it.

Did Nintendo slip an “up yours” pose into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or is it a reference to “We Can Do It!”?

— Sam Schultz 🌵 (@Lunick_Fiore) April 28, 2017 Read more…

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Chris Cornell has died and everyone on Twitter is heartbroken


Chris Cornell, the incredible voice behind Soundgarden and later Audioslave, has died, his representative told CNN and AP

The singer was in Detroit performing with Soundgarden when he died, aged 52. 

In a statement to AP, his rep Brian Bumbery called the death “sudden and unexpected.” He later told CNN that Cornell’s wife Vicky and family “were shocked to learn of his sudden and unexpected passing” and they will be working closely with the medical examiner to determine the cause.

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“They would like to thank his fans for their continuous love and loyalty and ask that their privacy be respected at this time,” he said.  Read more…

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Tech Firm Makes Long Distance Move

Long Road Ahead For California Tech Firm

long distance moveCal-Tech Tools announced Friday that they were making the long distance move from Silicon Valley to New Jersey. Surprised by this decision, Wall Street reacted to the move like any other. Stock prices dropped immediately as investors speculated on the cause of the move. One investor said while being interviewed, “you don’t just move your technology business from Silicon Valley to New Jersey because you want too”. That being said, you have to wonder why a giant tech firm like Cal-Tech tools would up and leave the most innovated geographical location in modern history. California has been a hub for tech startups and tech minded people in general for decades. Apple is an example that everyone could relate too. Steve Jobs built Apple into the dominant business it is today right there in Silicon Valley. We tried contacting the corporate offices and industry lawyers to try and understand the motive behind the move. After multiple attempts we did not hear back from either the corporate offices nor the legal group we had emailed. So I decided to make a list, to help make sense of the move, and I think you will laugh at the results I came up with.

Why Move Long Distance From CA TO NJ

• There is no good reason to move that far!

• Because you are being acquired by another company?

• Because the CEO is a Bon Jovi fan?

• Because New Jersey is such a nice place to live? (Yeah Right)

• Because Cal-Tech Tools is going under? (Haha)

All Jokes Aside

Okay, so that list was less than serious but it was all I had. Without a phone call returned and nobody to interview I was short on insider information. As I was driving around the back of the corporate office however I did spot a moving truck with New Jersey license plates. I jumped out of the car and ran over to the moving truck to talk to the guys packing the trucks. None of them had any valuable information other than they were hired to move the office furniture long distance across the country from CA to NJ. After talking with the guys at Bluebell Relocation, we packed our stuff up and made the long distance move out there as a temporary solution until we found out more details about the move.

This mockumentary about bloggers at Fashun Week will destroy you


What is more glorious than Australian Fashun Week? All those bloggers, Insta-stars and fashun types joining forces for a celebration of outfits made out of wallpaper, vegemite eyeshadow and inappropriately small dogs. 

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Two Australian video creators, Vita Carbone and Carbone, have captured the hilarity that’s on show when the C-listers descend on the annual Australian Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney. The duo have released a video portraying the tough life of Delilah, a satirical fashion blogger whose motto in life is: if you don’t have 10K followers, you ain’t worth the time.  Read more…

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A police officer and a baby kangaroo are a crime-fighting duo


Look, perhaps the buddy cop genre hasn’t been the quite the same since the days of Lethal Weapon or even Rush Hour, but here’s a fresh partnership idea for film executives.

Meet Senior Constable Tiffany Greig and her baby kangaroo (a.k.a. joey) sidekicks, who travel with her while she’s on patrol in the remote expanses of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. 

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Greig told ABC News she often rescues injured joeys while out on the road, like the very adorable and charming Quinn, who features on her Instagram account.

“When I got him he was about a kilogram; he was a tiny little thing but he was just the funniest, most robust little roo I’ve ever had,” she told the publication. Read more…

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The internet points out the many, many politicians who’ve had it worse than Donald Trump


Donald Trump has it bad. Nobody has it worse. Terrible. And he wants new graduates to know it.

“Look at the way I’ve been treated lately, especially by the media,” Trump said in a commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut on Wednesday. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

No politician in history. Please don’t fact check that. 

“Look at the way I’ve been treated… No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly”

— Adam Weinstein (@AdamWeinstein) May 17, 2017 Read more…

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Police release cringeworthy video telling kids not to buy drugs


We’re not sure what’s in the water Down Under, but Australian police like to try and outdo each other by having the country’s weirdest social media presence.

While you might have seen the Nickelback-hating work of the Queensland Police, Northern Territory Police is here to throw its hat in the ring with an ’80s-style safety video for the upcoming Darwin festival, Bass In The Grass.

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It’s chockful of VHS-esque filters, throwback graphics, and of course, really, really bad acting. The video is definitely cringeworthy, but we think they were totally going for that.  Read more…

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The Chickle is either a genius or disgusting way to ruin a pickle


Baseball season is here, which means minor league baseball teams are firing up the weird food trends in an attempt to get you into the stands.

Today in weird baseball food, The Fresno Grizzlies, a AAA affiliate of the Houston Astros, introduce the Chickle, which is basically a pickle filed with Nashville hot chicken.

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Playing @nashvillesounds for 2 more, so doing some Nashville hot chicken in a big pickle. Available tomorrow (12:05) and Thurs (7:05)

— Fresno Grizzlies🐻🌮 (@FresnoGrizzlies) May 17, 2017 Read more…

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Google video shows how its new VR feature could be a game changer


Google’s virtual reality announcement Wednesday at Google I/O was a big deal. 

But that might not be readily apparent to those still getting their feet wet in VR, so Google made a video to help you get a better idea of what WorldSense does. 

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Current mobile VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and Daydream View have 3DoF (three degrees of freedom), only allowing you to look around in VR from a fixed point (as if your head is on a tripod in the middle of a panoramic bubble). In that dynamic, you can’t get a truly immersive sense that you’re in another environment.  Read more…

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