OMG the best thing Apple unveiled at WWDC is a $29 Apple Pencil case


Apple has done it again. 

The Macintosh, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad all forever changed the personal-computing landscape, but the visionaries over at 1 Infinite Loop are not about to start coasting on their space-gray laurels. At the June 5 WWDC in San Jose, Apple once again elicited a collective gasp of amazement from the world when it unveiled its latest groundbreaking advancement: a $29 case for the Apple Pencil. 

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Coming in saddle brown, taupe, midnight blue, and black, the “beautifully crafted” leather case is sure to turn heads and win hearts.   Read more…

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New leaked NSA hacking report is ‘House of Cards’ IRL


New top secret National Security Agency (NSA) documents reportedly surfaced Monday, and they brought with them the alarming suggestion that Russian military intelligence officials attempted to hack into the U.S. voting system ahead of the November election.

The report, which was dated May 5 and obtained by The Intercept, details how hackers from the GRU, or the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate, attacked an elections software and hardware company just before the November election.

It’s terrifying stuff—and it sounds just like a plot point from the political drama House of Cards. Read more…

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What Apple’s new HomePod looks like, according to the internet


Apple finally announced its new smart speaker, the HomePod.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor promises better sound and uses Siri to do things like play music, control smart devices, and answer questions for $349. 

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While it just revealed Monday at WWDC, the internet already has some thoughts on what the HomePod looks like.

A trash can

HomePod somehow looks more like a trash can than the Mac Pro

— Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber) June 5, 2017

A Mac Pro + trash can

Włóż śmietnik do śmietnika i masz głośnik 😀 #HomePod

— Jakub Mróz (@kubamroz) June 5, 2017 Read more…

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Hero teen has the perfect senior photo, to the eternal embarrassment of his mother


Your senior year of high school tends to be a year of unabashed rebellion, from the first day of classes up to the senior picture in your yearbook. 

Redditor OrangeGills is a teen who knows what he likes, and that includes heroic poses and bad Photoshopping. So naturally, he took a glorious picture combining the two. His mother told him to not use this photo as his senior picture. Wrong move.

Not only did he use it, but he found the perfect quote to go with it.

Luckily, his classmate shared the masterpiece with the world.

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Alphabet, Google’s parent company, joins the $1,000 club


What could you buy with $1,000? A new MacBook? A pair of Louboutins? How about one share of Alphabet stock?

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, crossed a major threshold Monday by passing $1,000 per share, just six days after Amazon reached the same milestone. 

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It’s nothing to sneeze at; only one other stock on the S&P 500 index (Priceline) has a stock price in the quadruple digits. Alphabet’s stock price has been surging this year, and the company’s market value, about $680 billion, is second only to Apple. 

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Stock Hits $1,000. Should You Buy?. #Tech #stocks

— Top Tech Stocks 🇺🇸 (@Top_Tech_Stocks) June 5, 2017 Read more…

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‘Resident Evil,’ a Vietnamese skincare specialist, and fake news: An investigation


If skincare is your specialty, associating your brand with desiccated human flesh is probably unwise.

It’s a good thing all this fuss over Medcare Skin Centre is probably fake news. Isn’t it? I’ll tell you, friends: I’ve spent the better part of the day investigating — with assists from Mashable Gaming Editor Tina Amini and Mic Gaming Editor Amanda Farough — and I’m still not clear.

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Here’s the face of what people are reporting: Medcare Skin Centre, a Ho Chi Minh City-based clinic, made the tragic error of adopting the logo of Resident Evil‘s Umrella Corporation as its own. For the uninitiated, Umbrella Corp. is the villainous body responsible for the series’ zombie epidemic. Read more…

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I wrote THE BEST presidential briefing on global warming for Donald Trump


Given that no one seems to know what President Trump thinks about the reality of human-caused climate change, perhaps we can agree that it’s about time that he received a briefing on the subject. 

Normally this would fall to his science advisor, or someone from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, or perhaps the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or even the NASA administrator. 

However, he hasn’t appointed anyone to those positions… So, it’s up to me to get this on his desk. 

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In putting this together, I had to constantly remind myself that the briefing can’t be just any old document. Recent news reports have revealed that Trump consumes his intelligence information the way an eighth-grader researches assignments on Wikipedia.  Read more…

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Kylie Jenner basically just wore a sweatshirt as a necklace


In a year of WTF fashion, Kylie Jenner’s latest outfit may have just clawed its way to the top spot.

On Sunday, Kylie was doing what Kylie does best: Snapchating in the car. But something about these particular Snaps seemed a little…off. 

A post shared by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on

Was it the way she barely lip synched to the song playing? Nah, that can’t be it. Seems pretty normal for her.

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A post shared by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on Read more…

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I think Joey Fatone is biased in the *NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys tip jar war


Yes, yes, yes here we go. *NSYNC has got the cash flow! Well, according to Joey Fatone anyway, who I do not trust as an impartial witness. 

The *NSYNC baritone tweeted a photo of a tip jar war, between his band and the Backstreet Boys to his competitor and Backstreet Boy member A.J. McLean. 

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Ha ha @skulleeroz look who is winning at milk for the boy band tip off

— Joey Fatone (@realjoeyfatone) June 2, 2017

According to his evidence, *NYSNC is winning by a landslide, but can we trust Fatone? Maybe he just got paid and decided to celebrate with cupcakes and a 98-degree burn in an old rivalry by filling up *NYSNC’s cup himself. Read more…

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Apple wants more people buying things via iMessage


Back off, Facebook Messenger. 

Apple is now looking to support business owners in their quest to best serve their customers with a new feature called Business Chat. 

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Released during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference — but left out of the keynote — is a chat function that is able to integrate with Apple’s Messages software. The new feature was added to Apple’s developer website; we discovered it thanks to Owen Williams. 

Whoa, Apple’s taking on Facebook Messenger (?)

— Owen Williams ⚡️ (@ow) June 5, 2017 Read more…

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