SpaceX’s beautiful rocket launch and landing just made history

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Dog stuck inside tree is the living definition of ‘oops’


If you’ve ever wondered what the word “oops” would be if it were a dog (you have, right?), look no further. 

Meet Rocco. On Friday, he got stuck inside a tree at a Kentucky cemetery.

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Rocco reportedly lodged himself in the tree after climbing into nearby hole dug by a groundhog, then trying to climb back out via the tree’s trunk. Rocco, however, is not a groundhog, so he did not quite make it.

Luckily, two off-duty state troopers were able to dislodge Rocco from the tree, and the adventurous dachshund was reunited with his owner. Officials also enlarged the hole in the tree should any other dogs attempt the same stunt. Read more…

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100 people singing different notes at once is truly the stuff of nightmares


Choirs are usually pleasant to listen to, right? But not this choir. This choir is the stuff of nightmares.

The latest video from WatchCut features 100 people — filmed separately — singing one note of their choice for as long as they can. The sounds are all then smashed together into one terrifyingly dissonant noise. Seriously, it is so scary.

We are going to be honest — we only watched this once. We’d recommend you do the same. Read more…

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MIT unveils wearable guides for the visually impaired


It’s frustrating to see so many wearable innovations without more devoted to providing solutions for the disabled, which is why MIT’s new prototype for the visually impaired is more than just a little exciting. 

A team of researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have come up with a wearable system that helps the visually impaired navigate their environment. 

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The system consists of a 3D depth-sensing camera, electronically refreshable Braille pads that display symbols such as “c” for chair and “t” for table, and a belt that vibrate more as the wearable gets close to an obstacle.  Read more…

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All the best signs from the March for Truth, the protest against Trump’s ties to Russia


Another Saturday, another protest against President Donald Trump. 

The March for Truth in more than 130 cities on Saturday called for further investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and Russia’s ties to Trump, his staff, and his associates outside the White House. 

Marchers wanted an independent commission and nonpartisan Congressional investigations of Trump’s ties to Russia and prosecution of any crimes committed or any collusion discovered. Organizers called for as much information as possible to be made available to the public. Oh, and they still want Trump to release his tax returns.  Read more…

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Lorde moves the sun and the moon at Governors Ball


Lorde took to the stage at the Governor’s Ball in New York City and seemed to command the skies. It looked almost certain to rain on festival-goers, but the singer would have none of it. 

“I don’t know if you know this about me, but I think of myself as a witch,” she explained, taking credit for summoning the nice weather midway through her set at Governors Ball.   

We all know Lorde is a witch. That’s why we’re here — to see the cosmos bend at her will. 

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Lorde kicked off her set by emerging from a large glass box (we’ll get to that later) singing version of “Green Light” stripped down to a haunting affect with a sort of floppy sunhat seemingly fashioned from discarded bridal veils obscuring her face. But according to the laws of magic, that was just a bait and switch, and after a verse or so, she moved on to older material.  Read more…

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Kids don their best costumes to see ‘Wonder Woman’ in theaters


It’s Wonder Woman weekend, and little Wonder Women around the world are heading to theaters.

Many young fans are even suiting up for the film, sporting their best costumes and T-shirts. (And all in all, it seems like they’re giving the hotly-anticipated film positive reviews.)

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Get ready to feel a lot of feelings:

@GenesisCinema Took my Daughter to the AMC in Manchester yesterday to see #WonderWoman we loved it

— Carl. (@Cam_1971b) June 2, 2017

This is a weekend of women, truth,justice and love #WonderWoman #cosplay #kids #wonderwomanpremier #latinoscoop #whoRunTheWorld

— Elena V (@Lady_ElenaV) June 2, 2017 Read more…

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