A tale of two tacos: Does Chipotle’s comeback plan involve becoming more like Taco Bell?


Just when it seemed Chipotle was finally getting its footing back, disaster struck again.

The fast-casual giant is once again in the news after a Virginia location ended up causing numerous customers to become sick. 

It’s the last thing Chipotle needed. The news was reminiscent of the wave of illnesses across the country that started nearly two years ago. Before then, Chipotle had emerged as a high-end food brand in the suddenly-hot “fast-casual” sphere. 

Since then, the company has struggled to regain its previous momentum. Now, Chipotle is back to repairing the public perception that it spent the intervening months repairingTabloid headlines days later about rats raining from the ceiling of a Dallas store didn’t help matters. Read more…

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