7 things to know about potential presidential candidate and confirmed Hufflepuff Pete Buttigieg


With 14 potential candidates and no clear frontrunner, there’s already a lot to keep track of in the 2020 democratic primaries — but there’s also a lot of opportunity. One potential new entrant to the race could make things even more interesting.

Pete Buttigieg has been the mayor of South Bend, Indiana since 2012. Despite his low profile compared to the rock star members of congress and outspoken CEOs running for president, Buttigieg has gained fresh attention in recent days. 

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During a compelling interview with CNN at its South by Southwest Town Hall, he had a viral moment that boosted his profile when he trounced the self-described religious conservative Vice President Mike Pence for being “the cheerleader of the porn star presidency.” Buttigieg had to work closely with Pence when Pence served as Governor of Indiana from 2013-2017. Read more…

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